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Jamesies Fuel & Fix are your local mechanic specialising in exhaust fitting, catalytic converters and emission system service.

Jamesies Fuel and Fix provide fast, efficient and friendly car service. We do everything from replacements, exhaust boxes, catalytic converters and flexi-pipes for any make and model of car. Call us now or make an appointment online!

Exhaust systems help keep harmful gases out of your car and also filter the emissions from entering the atmosphere. Properly functioning exhaust systems work quieter and are better for your car and the environment.

Exhaust Warning Signs

Be aware of the following indicators that your exhaust system needs to be looked at by a competent mechanic:
• overly sweet or acidic/sharp odors inside the passenger compartment of your vehicle
• changes in sound (clunking, rattling, or thumping sound from beneath your car; popping or clicking sound from the engine, a hissing or whistling sound, or an overall increase in sound volume)
• increase in muffler exhaust
• your car gets less fuel efficient

The comprehensive muffler and exhaust system service performed at Jamesies Fuel & Fix car service in Glen Innes includes inspection of all exhaust system components and replacement of all broken, missing, or malfunctioning exhaust parts.

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How does an Exhaust System function?

Many factors can affect how often your cars' exhaust will need to be serviced and whether any parts need to be replaced, including your driving habits (e.g. frequent short trips to shops or work), challenging road conditions and the age of exhaust parts. For the exhaust to function most efficiently, all parts of the system need to be working accordingly.

Located at the forefront of your cars'exhaust system, the Exhaust Manifold vents gases from multiple cylinders into one pipe and burns leftover fuel not properly consumed by the engine.
• Oxygen Sensor sends oxygen level readings to the computer of your car so the amount of fuel sent to the engine can be adjusted for greatest fuel efficiency.
• Exhaust Pipes carry the emissions through the entire system from manifold to tailpipe.
• Catalyctic Converters transform carbon monoxide and other exhaust gases into carbon dioxide and water vapor, reducing the hard to environment.
• Muffler is the silencer for the exhaust system's loud combustion noises.

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